The Simple Diet

Take this list with you when you go grocery shopping, and don’t buy the foods on the AVOID list.  If it’s not in the house, it’s easier to fight the urge.


Flour (bread, bakery products, pasta…)


White Rice


Fruit Juices

Drink only water OR  1% Milk, Nut Milks, Soy Milk.

Avoid other beverages that have calories


Whole Grains like brown/wild/black/purple rice, oatmeal (steel cut Irish oats), wheat and rye berries, barley, quinoa …

Vegetables (No limit), including sweet potato


Fruits with meals (2-3/day only)


Lean meats/poultry

Whole Eggs

Low fat dairy… Skim or 1% milk, low fat cheese

Nuts, seeds

Beans, Lentils

Cook in olive oil

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