Sleep Hygiene

Try these tricks for a better night’s rest

Avoid caffeine after 12 noon. This includes coffees, teas, hot chocolate, cocoa, chocolate, caffeinated drinks.

Avoid intense exercise in the evening.

Avoid sweet treats after dinner.

Avoid television, crossword puzzles, work and anything that is stimulating 2 hours prior to bedtime.

Avoid naps in the afternoon.

Maintain the same sleep schedule.

Take a warm bath; learn relaxation techniques, yoga, and stretching.

Keep stress to a minimum, exercise daily, and socialize.

Read a boring book.

Drink a warm glass of milk, eat some cheese or turkey which contains loads of tryptophan, which will help you sleep.

If your mind continues to race, keep a diary next to your bed and jot down the ideas that cross your mind, and tell yourself that you will deal with it tomorrow.

Most importantly, you need to retrain yourself to sleep. There is no perfect long term “pill” solution. They will help you in the short term, but most of them have side effects and the effectiveness wears off over time.

Supplements that promote sleep-

Magnesium citrate 400mg,  Zinc 15mg, Melatonin (3mg, 5mg, 10mg)

Another great tool is guided imagery–look it up on line.


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