Fish Consumption Advice –

FDA and EPA have issued a draft updated advice which recommends that
“… pregnant women eat at least 8 ounces and up to 12 ounces (2-3
servings) per week of a variety of fish that are lower in mercury to
support fetal growth and development … The draft updated advice
cautions pregnant or breastfeeding women to avoid four types of fish
that are associated with high mercury levels:
tilefish from the Gulf of Mexico
king mackerel.
In addition, the draft updated advice recommends limiting consumption
of white (albacore) tuna to 6 ounces a week … When eating fish
caught from local streams, rivers and lakes, follow fish advisories
from local authorities. If advice isn’t available, limit your total
intake of such fish to 6 ounces a week and 1-3 ounces for children …”

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