Smokers who want to quit smoking- consider Dual Therapy

Combining Chantix (needs a prescription) with the nicotine patch
available OTC is more effective at achieving smoking cessation than
Chantix alone, according to a new study published in JAMA.

More than 400 adults (mean age: 46 years) who smoked at least 10
cigarettes per day during the past year were randomized to receive
Chantix plus either a 15-mg nicotine patch or placebo patch. Roughly
62% of participants finished the study. Those who received the Chantix/
NRT combination achieved higher continuous abstinence rates than those
who took varenicline plus placebo at both 12 weeks (55% vs. 41%) and
24 weeks (49% vs. 33%). At 6 months, the point prevalence abstinence
rate for the combination group was 65%, compared with 47% for the
varenicline-alone group.

The combination group experienced more constipation, disturbed sleep,
depression, and nausea, but the difference was statistically
significant only for skin reactions.


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