New treatment for the prevention of HIV in High Risk Individuals

The CDC now recommends daily treatment with Truvada (300 mg tenofovir
disoproxil fumarate and 200 mg emtricitabine) to lower the risk for
HIV acquisition among high-risk adults.

Pre-exposure prophylaxis with Truvada is recommended in the following

Men who have Sex with Men-
not in a monogamous relationship who engage in unprotected anal

Heterosexually active adults who rarely use condoms during sex with
high-risk partners of unknown HIV status

All adults in an ongoing relationship with an HIV-infected partner

Injection drug users who share needles

Individuals must test negative for HIV before beginning Truvada, and
they should be assessed every 3 months thereafter. Those who acquire
HIV should discontinue the drug.

CDC pre-exposure prophylaxis guidelines

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