Eradicating H. Pylori Lowers Risk for Stomach Cancer

Eradicating Helicobacter pylori in asymptomatic, healthy adults
reduces the incidence of subsequent gastric cancer.

Researchers identified six randomized, controlled trials that assessed
the effect of eradication therapy on stomach cancer incidence 2 or
more years later in adults who tested positive for H. pylori but had
no symptoms and were healthy. A variety of eradication therapies were
used. Control groups received placebo or no therapy.

The authors conclude: “It seems likely that the benefit of searching
for and eradicating H. pylori in healthy asymptomatic individuals will
outweigh any potential harms, especially in populations at high risk
of gastric cancer. However, results from further trials in different
populations are urgently needed.”

BMJ article

2 thoughts on “Eradicating H. Pylori Lowers Risk for Stomach Cancer

  1. drsripp

    I remember Dr. Bill Timmons lecturing on this very topic twenty yours ago. He was a well respected naturopath who used functional medicine to heal people. Great post.

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