Global Threat of Antibiotic Resistance

Global Threat of Antibiotic Resistance – The UN World Health 
Organization has published a report which “… makes a clear case that 
resistance to common bacteria has reached alarming levels in many 
parts of the world and that in some settings, few, if any, of the 
available treatments options remain effective for common 
infections …” – The report focuses on “… antibiotic resistance in 
seven different bacteria responsible for common, serious diseases such 
as bloodstream infections (sepsis), diarrhoea, pneumonia, urinary 
tract infections and gonorrhoea. The results are cause for high 
concern, documenting resistance to antibiotics, especially ‘last 
resort’ antibiotics, in all regions of the world … The report 
reveals that key tools to tackle antibiotic resistance – such as 
basic systems to track and monitor the problem – show gaps or do not 
exist in many countries … Other important actions include preventing 
infections from happening in the first place – through better 
hygiene, access to clean water, infection control in health-care 
facilities, and vaccination – to reduce the need for antibiotics. WHO 
is also calling attention to the need to develop new diagnostics, 
antibiotics and other tools to allow healthcare professionals to stay 
ahead of emerging resistance …”

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