Oral Cannabis For Multiple Sclerosis

Clinicians may offer oral cannabis extract, tetrahydrocannabinol, or 
cannabinoid spray to patients with multiple sclerosis to ease patient-
reported spasticity and pain (excluding central neuropathic pain), 
according to new guidelines on alternative therapies for MS from the 
American Academy of Neurology. Clinicians should counsel patients, 
however, that cannabis is likely ineffective at improving objective 
measures of spasticity.

Other conclusions based on an evidence review in Neurology include:

Cannabis spray may be offered to reduce urinary frequency.
Magnetic therapy is probably effective for reducing fatigue and 
ineffective for treating depression.
Gingko biloba does not improve cognition.
A low-fat diet with omega-3 supplementation is probably ineffective 
for limiting relapses, disability, fatigue, or MRI lesions.
Neurology article

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