A Blood Test For Identifying People at Risk for Alzheimer Disease

An experimental blood test has used 10 phospholipid biomarkers to 
accurately predict preclinical Alzheimer disease in cognitively normal 
adults, according to a research letter published in Nature Medicine.

Researchers tested blood samples from community-dwelling adults aged 
70 and older. Three years later, 53 had amnestic mild cognitive 
impairment or mild Alzheimer’s, 18 of whom had developed their 
impairment over the course of the study. Blood test results for these 
adults were matched with those of 53 cognitively normal participants.

The researchers identified 10 different metabolites that were depleted 
in patients who later became impaired. In a validation phase, the test 
was over 90% accurate in predicting which people would develop mild 
cognitive impairment or Alzheimer’s within 2 to 3 years.

The authors emphasize that their panel requires external validation 
before it is ready for clinical use.

Nature Medicine research letter

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